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Author Topic: March 2013 MTN Cheat: How To Browse On PC With MTN Blackberry Subscription Mar 9  (Read 2588 times)

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Recently, I shared with you tutorials on How to use Glo BIS and Airtel BIS to browse on your PC. After reading the posts, some of my TsnChat readers called to ask if there are possible settings for using MTN BIS to browse on their PC. Well before now, I gave a straight forward answers to the question which is “NO”, but today, I am happy to inform you that you can now browse on your PC using the MTN BIS!

After an intensive research online, I discovered a method a bit different from that of Airtel and Glo, in that this method requires you download a software called “Spotflux” This software is what we are going to use to make the process working. Apart from Spotflux there are other softwares such as UltraSurf, FreeGate and Hotspot Shield, but for the benefit of this post, we will be using Spotflux.

How to Get Started Browsing with MTN BIS on Your PC Using Spotflux

Step 1: First things first, insert your MTN SIM card in your mobile (any kind of phone) and subscribe to the MTN BIS by sending BBC to 21600 (cost #1,500 per Month) if you wish to do weekly plan text BBC WEEK to 21600 (cost #500 per Week)

Step 2: Wait for the subscription confirmatory message to be sent to you, and then remove your SIM card and insert it into your Modem.

Step 3: Now you will need to get hold of a modem that is browsing already so you can use it to download Spotflux on your computer. If you don’t have one, you can carry your PC to a cyber-cafe’ (This is the only step that gives a little stress, guess you will be willing to cross it) Once you are connected to their network download Spotflux for Free. (File size is 13.51MB)

Step 4: Install the software after downloading, at this point you will be prompted to choose Firefox as your Default Browser, at the moment, Firefox happens to be the only supported browser, so choose it.

Step 5: You are doing great! Now configure your Modem with the Settings Below:

Configuration FileName: MTN
 Access Point Name: blackberry.net
 Username: Leave it Blank
 Password: Leave it Blank

Step 6: Finally double click the SpotFlux icon already downloaded on your PC Desktop, and then open your browser and start browsing. The software is by default automated, and so no settings is required for you to use, just download and start using it!

This cheat rocks well.
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thanks for the update Babajay, you are the best. Not those scammers charging money for cheats that gets blocked by operators all the time


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its working fine but its not unlimited. if u re really downloading heavy stuff like video tutorials n the rest, u ll exhaust by the time it gets to 1. something gig which is for 500 and almost 3 gig for 1500. i believe this is pretty cool compare to 500 for 150MB per day. the speed is the same things. and 1 thing i also notice is that for BIS subscription, each time the download gets between 38mb and 45mb, the connection is terminated and u ve to reconnect. its better you set your modem to auto connect if there is no internet activity

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MTN BIS still working.
If you download too much your bandwidth will be exhausted. But there is another code or cheat that my friend told me and it works faster.
If your MTN BIS stops browsing or just connecting without browsing;
Just recharge #250 and send 2H to 131.
Period, you will start browsing unlimited till your BIS expired.
Try it out and give comments... Still working as at posting now.

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