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Author Topic: Airtel GPRS Configuration Settings - Airtel Manual GPRS Configuration Settin  (Read 32777 times)

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How to Configure Your Phone to Use AIRTEL

 Before you can use your AIRTEL sim to browse, you need to activate it first. There are two ways to activate your AIRTEL for internet. The first method can be done via online at http://dmc.ng.airtel.com while the second method is done by calling their customer care service through 111.
AIRTEL Automatic Settings
 By now you must have activated your sim as illustrated above if you haven’t used it before. To receive AIRTEL configuration automatically,
 Text internet (space) Phone model (space) Phone model number as SMS to232.
 For example, if you want to receive an automatic configuration settings for a Nokia 6300, You will text Internet Nokia 6300 as SMS to 232

AIRTEL Manual Settings:
 Name: Airtel NG
 Access point name: internet.ng.airtel.com
 Username: wap
 Password: wap
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